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You might have heard the term unisex several time in your daily life. So what does unisex shoes means? Ever pondered upon it? Let’s have a look! We understand unisex shoes as the shoes for both the genders. There is no restrictions for wearing it by a single gender. The word unisex is an adjective word indicating something that is suitable for any sex. It can also be taken in the context of the gender neutrality.

The term has been coined back in 1960s. Initially it was considered as an informal term. The prefix uni- has been borrowed from Latin word unus meaning one. Thus, the term unisex was coined as for both the sexes.


Sometimes size chart of unisex shoes differ from other shoes. In other foot wear, the size depends on the gender. Male foot wears come in big sizes whereas, female’s come in small size. Meanwhile, in unisex shoes, sizes are not the subject matter. Multiple unisex shoes brand offer size chart of unisex shoes 2021 online.


Want to go out? Don’t have matching shoes? Don’t worry! Grab those casual wear unisex shoes under your bed and wear them proudly. You are not bounded to wear unisex shoes as casual wear, you can wear various types of unisex shoes while going out on a formal dinner or formal meeting. Those shoes might include sneakers, huaraches, boots and many others. Moreover, Adidas also reviving the trend of unisex shoes. Looking back into the history of Adidas shoes, the first ever Adidas launched was worn by both the men and women. While n case of Puma, there were several sneakers which were manufactured as the unisex shoes. Puma suede are one of the best example of unisex shoes.


World’s most famous brands Nike, Adidas and Puma offer a variety of unisex shoes. These brands break the gender roles. According to Nike, all of its sneakers falls under the category of unisex shoes.


We haven’t much looked upon the types of unisex shoes but, they have various categories. Following is the type of unisex shoes that will define 2021 footwear trends.


Sneakers are too common among people in today’s world. You will also have at least a pair of sneaker. Thus, from its commonness, we can depict the importance of these shoes. In 1800, plimsolls, the first ever sneakers were made in England. Sneakers are the choice of commoners because they are lightweight and comfortable. Besides, they are also known with the names of athletic shoes, joggers, trainers, and tennis shoes.


You might have not heard of these shoes much as they have Japanese origin. They are the traditional Japanese footwear, also known as tabi shoes. The unique feature of these shoes are it is made with big toe separated from the rest of the toes. The modern tabi shoes were made in 1919 of rubber.


Slippers are every day worn shoes. They are comfy and available in different stuff form different seasons. In summers you can buy a light one and for winters, obviously, you can have a warm and cozy pair. Besides, it is also available in leather.


Huaraches are somehow more formal wear shoes. They are made initially in Mexico in 1492 and after that they moved abroad the oceans. Back in early times, farmworkers were mostly seen to be wearing these shoes.


Crocs are the rubber clogs made up of synthetic material. They are mainly designed for travelers. Additionally, they are made up of good quality to provide as much comfort as they can. Although, it is mostly associated with the indoor use but, it can also be worn outdoor.


Boots are also one of the most common type of unisex shoes. Boots cover your foot, ankle and lower calf most of the ties. They were extended to hips occasionally. They have been in use since 1000 BC. Earlier, they were consisted of separate leggings, sole and the upper part. These were joined together to wear.


Earth shoes are not what we see today. They have its own significant history. In 1969, Eleanor Jacobs made first official earth shoes but before that, a yoga teacher in named kalsf invented shoes for yoga as they provide sooth posture and ease in yoga poses. After some year the shoes ran out of fashion and Eleanor and her husband went bankrupt due to which they sold their company.


Flip flops are the most informal shoes you can ever have. These are considered as one of the beach accessories or summer footwear. Flip flops are casual and comfortable and all of the above they are cheap.


Galoshes are also known as gum shoes. These are mainly waterproof. Their origin traces back to the medieval era. They were worn in France that is why they can be called as the traditional shoes of France.


As the name unisex suggest of one sex thus, unisex shoes are genderless and Breaks the gender roles. There is not any hard and fast rule to abide shoes to one specific gender. Furthermore, unisex are more comfortable than any other shoe type. They give means more room to your feet for easy movement. Moreover, unisex shoes are slide on shoes most of the times and are effortless. Besides, footwear work well because they are interchangeable.


Shoes regardless of gender are getting common day by day. Not all shoe manufacturing brands offer unisex shoes 2021  but, most of them do manufacture them. Although men size differ from women’s, unisex shoes are made with specific and unique characteristics suitable for both male and female. These shoes are not only worn casually but also as formal foot wear. They are specifically categorized as formal and casual. Thus, grab the ones of your choice and wear them efficiently. In addition, it is not necessary to wear casual wear at home but, you can wear them outside too just as crocs. 

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