Ultimate Best Rolling Shoe Rack With Wheels 2021

Do you want your home to be organized from the mess made by the shoes? We’re passionate about making life easier for you, so you have more time for what you enjoy. In our opinion, a well-organized home and workplace are more pleasant than a disordered one. No one likes the untidy closet with shoes scattered all around or put without order.

The best shoe rack is needed for every person who needs to see his/her wardrobe neat and tidy as well as impressive. At home or the office, a well-organized shoe rack can help keep the floors free from shoe mess and make shoes accessible without wasting much time. In this way, your shoes will be accessible when needed the most.

Having a good shoe rack in your home or workplace will help keep your floors free from shoe mess. Furthermore, you’ll know where to find your shoes quickly whenever the need arises. These days a lot more people prefer to have a shoe rack with wheels. Shoes that roll on the rolling shoe rack can move in and out of the rooms with ease. A rolling shoe rack with wheels can help you organize your shoes not only in your home but also at work or the gym.

Rolling Shoe Rack With Wheels

There are many kinds of shoe racks available in the market but nowadays people like rolling shoe racks. Because of the wheels attached to the racks, one can easily move the shoe rack from one place to another without causing chaos. You can keep your shoe collection organized more efficiently using the rolling shoe rack.

There are many types of rolling shoe racks you should know before buying. Some of the shoe storage designs that roll are vertical and some are flatbeds. There is also some shoe rack storage with wheels that are under bed rolling shoe rack which mean they can be adjusted under the bed.

Before buying shoe racks, look for their price. You should buy one that suits your budget. Additionally, make sure you can fit a wide variety of shoes in your shoe rack, as well as have good spacing between the racks. Furthermore, rolling wheels should be steady and smooth to avoid any damage to the floor.

Here in this article, we will talk about the top 10 best shoe rack storage with wheels you can find.

Whitmor 10 Tier Shoe Tower

Whitmore is one of the most excellent home organization companies serving for the last 70 years. The Whitmor 10 Tier Shoe Tower is itself proof of the dedication of the company to its work. The beautiful silver shoe rack tower is vertical shoe storage with a capacity of 50 pairs of shoes. This shoe organizer with wheel is heavy-duty rolling shoe Rack. It is ideal for those who have small spaces and do not want them to be installed permanently. A screwdriver is all that is needed to put it together.

While talking more about the design and style of the latest shoe storage solution, it’s made of the most reliable metal structure with a polished chrome finish. Thus, with whitmor, you can be sure of reliable storage space. For people who have a limited amount of space, the rack is ideal. The Assembly dimensions of the vertical shoe rack with wheels are 14.625 L x 36.50 W x 59.50 H inches. The heavy-duty metal constructed with a shiny chrome finish gives a mesmerizing look to the rack as well as the room.

The shoe storage can accommodate the storage of every type of footwear, including heels, flats, sneakers without any issue. If you live in a flat or your home doesn’t have enough space, this new item will be best for your home organization. Last but not least good part of the

Whitmor 10 Tier Shoe Tower is locking wheels that can help you to grip well all your shoe collection. As a result, you can move your organized footwear more smoothly and according to your desires.

  • Can store up to 50 pairs of shoes in one place
  • The beautiful chrome finish and high-quality material strengthen the durability of the rack.
  • A Portable rack can be easily moved from one place to another; with a locking wheels feature
  • ❌ Not ideal for the extra-large size footwear
  • ❌ The space in between rows is very narrow, which makes high-top shoes hard to adjust.

Smart Design 8 Rolling Shoe Rack with wheels

Smart Design Company representatives claim to produce easy-to-assemble storage racks for shoes. The shoe rack is providing an organized solution to the pile of footwear in the corner of the room or your home entrance. The first thing the buyer sees while buying the best shoe rack with wheels is the capacity of the shoe storage.

This particular product provides shoe storage for up to 48 pairs. While talking about the design and features of the smart shoe storage its has 8 firm steel shelves that will help you to organize your shoe collection. The dimensions of this rolling shoe rack are 44 x 14.75 x 50.75 inches.

Meanwhile, the rack is not good for long boots or heels however you can remove the shelf to adjust the boots easily. Additionally, the shoe rack is easy to assemble.

  • The rack is quite durable and strong
  • Can store a large number of shoes up to 48 pairs
  • The adjustable depth of the rack makes it easy to adjust footwear
  • ❌The rack is not good for large-size footwear
  • ❌ The distance between the racks needs to be increased.

YAMAZAKI Rolling Shoe Rack

YAMAZAKI is a known manufacturer of Japan serving us for over more than 100 years. This wheel shoe storage it offers is made from sturdy metal. Meanwhile, this Yamazaki mobile shoe rack with wheels will hold any footwear and is strong enough to assist you with taking care of your belongings. Although it cannot accommodate a large number of pairs, the Whitmor 10 Tier Shoe Rack can store up to 6 pairs of shoes without any issue.

Taking up hardly any space, this shoe rack keeps your shoes organized in any entryway, in any part of your home. Furthermore, it is even possible to store it in the closet. This small shoe rack with wheels is your next ultimate storage saver for your room. The dimensions of this shoe organizer are 12.8 x 29.9 x 9.1 inches means space won’t be an issue in this.

Another important feature of this Japanese footwear storage with wheels is that it is also really attractive since it has a screen so that your shoe space is still pleasing to the eye even if you do not want to display your footwear. Thus, the rack offers simplicity, quality, and saving space all at one time.

  • Capable of storing large-size shoes and high heels.
  • Its simple design and clean size make it ideal for any room in your house.
  • An attractive screen retains the space stylish, and a smooth sliding handle keeps it easy to operate.
  • ❌ Only for a maximum of six pairs of shoes can be stored
  • ❌ Some people found the installation of the shoe rack a little bit difficult.

Honey-Can-Do Rolling Shoe Rack

Honey-Can-Do is a known home storage and organization products manufacturing brand of the U.S. and has been serving for the last 13 years. Here we are talking about its most desirable shoe rack. This Honey-Can-Do Rolling Shoe organizer can hold up to 30 pairs of shoes easily without creating a mess.

This shoe rack with wheels is an ideal choice for gym and sports clubs. The shoe tower storage is the ideal choice for shoe lovers thus store as many shoes as you want up to 30 pairs. In addition, the wheels of the rack are lockable which means that the rack will hold your shoes firmly. The Dimensions of the rack are 29” L x 9” W x 64.5” H. furthermore, the Honey-Can-Do Rolling Shoe Rack organizer with  also provided swivel caster wheels. So, you can easily move the rack from one spot to another effortlessly.

The manufacturing quality of the rack is strong and sturdy. Meanwhile, the wheels help you to move the rack from one room to another quickly. However, if we talk about the distance between the rows of the racks, it is quite better than other racks. The rack is quite easy to assemble and manage. You can save your home space by bringing this special shoe rack to your home.

  • Ensure good spacing between the rows.
  • Assembling this rack is pretty straightforward.
  • This shoe storage can hold up to 50 pairs of shoes.
  • ❌ Some people found it a little unstable rack.
  • ❌ Some people reported that shoes can’t store heels.

Sagler chrome Shoe Organizer

Sagler is one of the best home organizer manufacturers. It offers a strong and durable rolling shoe rack that can easily fit 50 pairs of shoes. Install it anywhere either inside the room or entryway, it will always give a nice look to your room. The durable chrome metal makes it the best choice. Additionally, it has a total of 10 tiers made up of non-slip tubes. This will prevent your shoes from slipping off the rack. They will be held firmly in place.

Meanwhile, the wheels ensure safe movement around the house wherever you like to shift it. It has been constructed with dimensions measuring 60 X 36 X 9.5 inches whereas, the space between the poles is 6.5″. This Sagler chrome shoe storage is the perfect solution for your shoe collection.

Therefore, it is an excellent alternative to piling shoes in a messy heap or having them taking up way too much floor space outside the front door or spilling from a closet.

The product offers longevity and strength while its clean, sophisticated appearance fits well with any décor. It is fitted with four highly durable locking wheels for easy mobility. Moreover, it can be detached, with the bottom rack sitting flat on the floor.

I can assure you, choosing this one will be the right move!

  • It takes no effort to assemble.
  • Hold your shoes firmly in place.
  • Shoes can be stored in this shoe rack for up to 50 pairs.
  • ❌ The rack was considered unstable by some.
  • ❌ Some people says that it is not a very good option for mid – high top sneakers

Sandusky Lee Rolling Shoe Rack

Looking for the best shoe rack for your home or office? Here we have one of the best Sandusky Lee Rolling Shoe Rack for a large family. The shoe rack is capable to store up to 50 pairs of shoes easily without having any space problem. The great thing about this product by the company is that they’ve prioritized the quality of the material. One rack can accommodate as many as 4 pairs of shoes but it depends on the size of the shoes too.

An attractive chrome finish on a sturdy metal frame makes the shoe rack look more elegant. Equipped with locking wheel technology to make the rack more stable.

This innovative shoe organizer fits nicely in the living room with its form and keeps the shoes off the floor. The shoe rack is assembled: 32″H x 36″W x 11″ D. This one is the perfect choice for those who want to save space and organize their home better way. Meanwhile, it may take time to be set up so you will need to have patience while arranging it.

  • You can assemble the unit in no time.
  • The quality of the material is excellent.
  • Shoes can be stored here for up to 50 pairs.
  • ❌ Some people reported stability issue.
  • ❌ The wheels are not too much smooth.

DormCo Suprima Underbed Shoe Holder with Wheels

An another brilliant under bed rolling shoe rack with wheels for you that is DormCo Suprima. There is a big advantage to this product: It is the easiest thing in the world to assemble. Thus, you do not need to do an effort or waste time assembling its parts. Any household can rely on the DormCo Suprima for a pair of simple shoes.

The most important part of a rack is its quality. Better the quality is, more will it last. So this under bed rolling shoe rack is made with high-quality carbon steel providing a sturdy look to the rack. Additionally, it can easily hold 12 pairs of shoes. Moreover, with the help of swift wheels, you can easily pull the rack in any corner or under the bed. It ensures better utilization of space and prevents shoes from being lost.

Finally, the rack is a space-saving solution, has long-lasting durability, and does not require any assembly tool. So if you are a single person or living in a hostel, this one is made for you. This under bed shoe storage measures 26 inches by 36 inches by 10 inches which takes minutes to assemble.

  • Stainless Steel and sturdy material.
  • You can put it together in a few minutes.
  • The shoe rack fits perfectly under the bed.
  • ❌ Store only 12 pair of shoes
  • ❌ Holding bars does not stay in place

Tidy Living 10 Tier 80 Pairs Shoe Rack

Now we have a rack by one of the best home storage solution companies. If you are looking for the best shoe rack for a large family or a 60 pair rolling shoe rack. Then this is the one you should go for without a doubt.

It is made of long-lasting chromed steel that is simple to construct and operate. This tall shoe rack with wheels can store up to 70 pairs of shoes easily. If you are the person who regularly does room settings or shifting this product will be very useful for you. You can keep your stuff out of the way and accessible by keeping your workplace neat and tidy. This tidy living shoe rack with wheels rack fits our closet perfectly and accommodates plenty of shoes conveniently. Assembled Dimensions of this shoe rack with wheels are 32-54.5″ x 14.25″ x 59.75″.

The shoe rack has good quality wheels with locking that ensures the maximum stability of the rack. It would be the best choice if you have a large family. For more shoes related article explore more wearinghabits.

  • It is very easy to assemble.
  • The quality of the material is good.
  • Shoes can be stored on the rack for up to 80 pairs.
  • ❌ Not Suitable for high-top rack shoes.
  • ❌ There is little space between the rows.


Having an organized space is the dream of all. No one likes a messed-up closet or scattered shoes. Thus, get any of the above-mentioned shoe racks according to your need and get an organized space. It is also important to consider all of the variables when purchasing a shoe rack with wheels to avoid mishaps. Additionally, keep in mind the important factors and do not go against them otherwise you could be put at risk. Make sure the rack has enough capacity to accommodate your shoes.

Furthermore, check the wheels type to avoid future issues because those are the most crucial element of a footwear storage. Without smooth wheels, a rolling shoe rack is not rolling. Considering the stability and assembly go for the most stable and easy to assemble the rack. This will save your time as well as your space. Additionally, the quality of the rack matters a lot. A good quality rack will last more than a rack with cheap material.

Out of all above mentioned rolling shoe racks, we recommend Whitmor 10 Tier Shoe Tower. It is perfect in all ways. This one is in the budget, strong, durable, easy to assemble, portable, and with Smooth-rolling locking wheels. These features make it the best among all the other shoe racks mentioned.

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