How to wear derby shoes in 2021


In these modern times, wearing derby is much usual. In this articles there are ways chosen for you in which you will know how to wear derby shoes. But first, you should know what actually derby shoes are. Derby shoes are mainly type of shoe with shoelace eyelets sewn on top of the front area of your boot. Additionally, they are also known as the GIBSON. In different regions it is often known by different names. In America we call it BLUCHER or we may call them the bucks. Derby shoes are constructed with the method called open lacing according to Wikipedia. These were not known until the 1850s when they became popular as the hunting shoes. Eventually, they became famous among people. In 2000s derby were all set to be worn as formal shoes.


Classic derby are also called plain derby and have eyelets sewn on top of the front area.

Cap toe derby are similar to classic derby but the only difference is the toe box. Additionally, it may also have broguing along the stitch line.

Wingtip derby are another classification of cap toe derby shoes having W as cap toe. The design might also have M or U.

White buck derby has an identity of its own and only available in white color as their name depict.


A derby shoe is mostly seen in every other person’s foot. It has some specific characteristics. These characteristics distinguish them from other formally worn shoes. Let’s have a look on some of the characteristics:

  • A derby shoe has unique open lace design.
  • They are constructed with three part panel.
  • The leather sole is stitched and along with the stitch line there is broguing.
  • Moreover, a derby has an elongated or round toe.


No matter what the occasion is, derby is always the best choice. There are numerous ways in which a derby shoes can be worn. Although, derby is strictly formal shoes but, trend nowadays says to wear it Derbies with formal or casual outfits. Moreover, most preferred type of derbies are Plain derbies. Let’s see how to wear derby shoes with your daily worn outfits.

  • Firstly, you have to choose a pair of leather derbies for your occasions.
  • Secondly, choose a dress which goes with derby perfectly despite of its informality.
  • For a casual look, wear derby with a casual T shirt and the jeans.
  • You can easily wear derbies at office with formal wear.
  • For a casual street look, opt for a light color shirt above a T shirt along with cropped trousers.
  • Furthermore, in order to wear derby with funky outfit, you can choose a dress shirt and chinos.
  • Additionally, make a match with a tailored pant and a V neck shirt.
  • One of the semi-formal looks includes a denim jacket above the T shirt and chinos.
  • Moreover, if you want your derby to match a season consider following combos


  • In summers, consider wearing a plain suede shoes. They will give a neutral look under gazing sun.
  • Spring is a season of joy, but what type of derby should you be wearing in spring. You can go for a light to medium brown leather cap toe derby.
  • It will be best for you to wear a light brown or tobacco colored derby in autumns.
  • Winter require dark color outfits as well as shoes. Choose a black or chocolate brown colored derby with your cozy winter outfits.


In final words, derbies are not the shoes to be worn only with a formal dress but instead, you can wear it with jeans, shorts, trousers, with a suit or with whatever you like. Meanwhile what you need to consider is the selection of derby with outfit according to color and style. Now, you know how to wear derby shoes. For more information about how to wear derby shoes or casual shoes you can contact our fashion expert anytime.

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