The Traditional Chinese Shoes in 2021


Everything we see today has a history. Have you ever wondered what a traditional Chinese shoes looked like and how they evolved over time? Let’s discuss that here.

The Chinese culture has evolved much over years. Original traditions and customs are still celebrated and given importance. When it comes to the wearing habits of Chinese locals, traditional shoes and costumes are seen commonly worn by them. Chinese traditional shoe history traces back to centuries before Christ or we can estimate it as 4000 years ago. In early times, shoes were made from natural materials including grass and vine roots. There was no much concept of making shoes from fabric or another material. Moreover, the style of the shoes also used to be quite simple rather than fancy or having designs. Gradually the society advanced and moved to the manufacturing of shoes with hemp fibers. They called it the double-pointed shoes.

In earlier dynasties, the people were given charge for the making of shoes which highlights the importance of shoes in that society. Like every society, the rich were given more favors than the poor hence, the rich used to wear shoes made of silk whereas, the poor wore shoes made with ordinary materials like grass or straw. After much evolution, these shoes were updated in style and material and then given the name of Hanfu shoes. As mentioned earlier, ancient Chinese shoes had raised heads. While men used to wear square shoes and women wore around shoes.

During the last dynasty of china, new and more reliable shoes were introduced. It was the time of 20 century. People named those shoes Qi shoes or flower pot bottom. These shoes were made with more creativity and had embroidery all over them.


In 21st century traditional Chinese shoes are more uniquely made with cotton. Now the shoes are called the tai chi shoes. Tai chi shoes are also known as martial arts slippers or Kung Fu shoes. These are slip-on shoes are worn typically while practicing Kung Fu. They are made on large scale for multiple sports as well as common use. Traditionally skilled people are chosen for the manufacturing of these traditional Chinese shoes.


Tai Chi shoes fall in the category of traditional Chinese shoes. They are widely produced for both men and women. The shoe comprises 100% pure cotton including its sole. This feature adds flexibility to your feet while practicing Kung Fu or ballet dance. They have approximately 3000 years of history. Other than cotton, it may vary in manufacturing material from cotton to rubber or even cloth. Shoes are used not only for professional use but can also be used casually. These are Comfortable, simple, durable, and flexible allowing your foot to make space for itself. Moreover, they are lightweight and robust.

Most of the time these traditional shoes are handmade providing perfection in every context. It will not injure or hurt your feet because of its softness. As they are especially for martial arts, the soles are made thick with increased friction. Another significant characteristic of these Chinese traditional shoes is that they are sweat absorbent and breathable allowing the heat and sweat to escape without causing smelly feet.


Tai Chi shoes or the traditional Chinese shoes are seen everywhere in china market. As most demanding shoes they are sometimes made of cheap material or non-durable material causing wastage of money and expiring early. So, check its features before buying:

· Ventilation holes.

· Enclose the feet securely.

· Easy to clean material.

· Provide wide space for toes.

· Water-resistant.

· Durability

· Lightweight

LS_JWZ Tai Chi footwear is considered as the best tai chi shoes manufacturer providing with all the pros a tai chi shoe can have. These are comfortable and protect your feet. Furthermore, they can be worn both inside or outside.


As there is a demand for Chinese traditional shoes among civilians and outside china there are brands who are producing these traditional shoes on a high scale. According to the recent research the total earning from China’s footwear manufacturing industry costs the US $104.7 billion. This research was carried out in 2017 and it made china the largest footwear producer. Many manufacturers outside of China are producing these shoes on large scale. Thus, there is great competition in the market of shoemaking.

As seen, china is progressing in every context. The shoe manufacturing industry is also rapidly growing and it cannot be said that whether it will decline or not. With the increasing demands for quality shoes, many famous shoe companies in China are striving hard to achieve bigger success in the footwear market in the future.


1. Belle international (Established in Shenzhen, Guangdong, in 1991)

2. Qiaodan (Established in Shanghai, China, in 1987)

3. Yue Yuen (Established in 1995)

4. Spider King (Established in 1995)

5. Feiyue (Established in Shanghai, in 1958)

6. Li-Ning (Established in 1989)

7. Daphne (Established in 1990)

8. Camel Apparel Ltd (Established in Guangzhou, Guang Dong.)

9. PEAK(Established in Quanzhou, China, in 1989)

10. Anta (Established in 1994)

11. Zhejiang Aokang Shoes Co. Ltd. (Established in 1988)

12. Yearcon (Established in 1992)

13. AMC Shoes (Established in 2002)

14. Red Dragonfly(Established in Wenzhou, Zhejiang)

15. 361° (Established in 2004)


In final words, traditional Chinese shoes are most demanded shoes among Chinese. Meanwhile, they can also be seen outside china. Thus, the manufacturing rate is increasing with its demand. It has a vast history that should be studied when you are trying to learn about the Chinese culture in a broad perspective. For more related articles click me!

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